VikRank makes bull selection fast and easy!

VikRank is a tool to select the best bulls for your herd. The categories help to guide you in your selection for the right bulls you need to improve your herd performance. Using the categories makes the bull selection easy, fast and reliable!
The eight different bull categories indicate the strong points for each bull for example Hoof Health, suitability for Robot milking or Solids production. There is also the option to adjust the weights for different traits in NTM to fit your own breeding goal. With VikingCustomized the bulls are ranked based on your own customized total index based on the traits that matter the most in your herd. 

The tool is available in different languages on our website. 

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Please note that the bull selection in VikRank tool is based on the current bull line-up for our export markets. 
Bulls are subject to availability, so please ask your local distributor for the bulls available in your region

These bulls increase the calving ease of the calves. The group is based on Calving Direct index. Ranking: Calving direct index
These bulls will increase the natural defence of your herd against diseases. They excel in Udder Health, Hoof Health and General Health. They are also good in production traits. Ranking: Sum of the above health trait indexes
These bulls improve the Daughter Fertility. The daughters of these bulls will have higher fertility than average. Ranking: Daughter Fertility index
These bulls improve Hoof Health. Our Hoof Health index comprises of 10 different hoof diseases. Ranking: Hoof Health index
These bulls are well-suited for Grazing systems. They’re daughters are medium sized with good fertility and hoof health, and high solids production. Ranking: Combination of Solids, Fertility, Hoof Health and Stature indexes
These bulls are the production masters and will improve the milk kg production level in your herd. Ranking: Milk kg index
These bulls are excellent on the Solids production.The Fat % and Protein % indexes are high for them. They’ll improve the level of the solids in the milk. Ranking: The sum of Fat % and Protein % indexes
The daughters of these bulls are optimal for Robot milking. The bulls inherit good milkability and restrictions has been made on udder conformation traits such as; rear and front teat placement, udder depth and balance. Ranking: Milkability index
There is also the option to customize the trait weight selection. With VikingCustomized selection you can select the traits that matter to your herd the most.