VikingGenetics is the supplier of semen from many different beef breeds. The beef bulls can be used for pure breeding but the biggest proportion will be used in cross breeding with dairy cows. By selecting only the best dairy cows and heifers being parents to next generation, it is good profit to inseminating the less valuable dairy cows with beef. The beef bulls are evaluated for calving traits on dairy cows.
The selection of beef bulls in our breeding programme is done at the performance testing of bulls in performance test stations in Denmark and Sweden. The testing starts when the calf is 7½ months old and ends at the age of 12 months. During the performance testing period registrations are made on feed intake, growth, carcass and temperament.
Breeds owned by VikingGenetics:
Blonde d´Aquitaine
Danish blue (not allowed in Sweden and Finland)
We also cooperate with other beef breed associations in our countries and sell their semen through our distributor channels. 
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