We have a unique strong position in Holstein, Jersey and among the red breeds 

Our bulls are not only the highest ranking on our own NTM scale, but we do have a strong international position for example on the NM$ scale as well. In the VikingGenetics lineup, there are also high-class bulls from all major beef breeds.
VikingRed is not a breed, it is a breeding programme and consists of 3 different red breeds; FAY, Finnish Ayrshire from Finland, SRB (Swedish red), and RDM from Denmark. 
VikingHolstein is healthy cows with good fertility, functional conformation and high production. The breeding population is 600,000 milk recorded Holstein cows in three countries.
VikingJersey is called the golden choice. They are healthy cows with good fertility, strong feet, good mammary, good longevity and high milk production.