Super Mario from Denmark 

For Jakob Petersen, breeding is about optimizing production. He was looking to modernize the farm he took over from his father and this mindset lead him to breed a new bull for the VikingHolstein breeding programme. VH Mario P is the first bull bought from Petersen's farm.

 "The only thing I demand is that we have animals with good feet and legs, udder conformation that fits the robots and that the animals also have good longevity".

When cattle breeders in the future hear the name Super Mario, they will not be referring to the Italian-inspired character from a Nintendo game. Instead they will think of a bull from Denmark. Jakob Petersen is the breeder of one of the latest top bulls: VH Mario P, a genomic bull with gNTM +29. 

This is the first time that Petersen has sold a bull to the VikingHolstein programme. "It's my first time, so it feels nice. This is very good”, says Jakob. His main focus is on the daily operations and milk production, so this outstanding result from one of his bulls came as a surprise. 
 "The only thing I demand is that we have animals with good feet and legs, udder conformation that fits the robots and that the animals also have good longevity", Petersen says. 
VH Mario P ticks all the boxes related to production. The production index is 119, the Fat % index 120 and Protein % 111. The health traits are also top level with General health and Longevity leading these traits. (Breeding values from October 2020)

Focus on optimization 
Jakob Petersen grew up on the farm that he took over from his father. He has run the farm since the start of this year. He is now implementing the genomic test of females and using professional insemination, which has increased the pregnancy rate. 
In 2015, a new barn was built, and the farm was expanded. However, under the management of the young farmer, the focus is now on the individual performance of the cows and not in the increasing number of animals. 

"The farm has reached a high production level, and the focus is now in optimization", says the 37-year-old dairy farmer. The farm has now signed four VikingEmbryo flushing contracts with VikingGenetics. 
  • Number of Cows: 405
  • Production: 12,548 kg ECM 
  • Fat: 3.90%
  • Protein: 3.56%

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